How to Help Children and Adolescents with Trauma

The following article is published from the National Institute of Mental Health and may be helpful to parents in helping children and adolescents deal with the effects of trauma:

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A Moment with Rango

  A Moment with Rango By Mikki         You have purpose. You have destiny. You have a divine blueprint for your life. We choose to live out the script for our lives, or we choose to walk away from the script. And yet, even the walking away becomes a part of what God [...]

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Are Parents Setting Kids Up For Failure by Pushing Too Hard for Success?

This is a wonderful article on parenting that I wanted to share with you: 

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How God Speaks to Us Through Our Emotions

What emotions are you feeling right now? Can you name what is happening inside your inner world? Could God be speaking to you through your emotions? Are you annoyed, ashamed, confused, hurt, depressed, jealous, anxious, fearful, stressed, angry, or sad?   While it may sound like a simple task to name what emotions you are [...]

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Can You Hear Me Now?

“Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?” Verizon Wireless brilliantly captured millions by saying what no one was openly saying at the time: cell phone reception isn’t always great. The message of how frustrating it is to not be heard struck a chord with multitudes who switched [...]

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